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Logistics Made Logical

Streamline Your Supply Chain and Unlock Global Growth


We’re Changing the Way your Supply Chain Works

We believe that logistics shouldn't be complicated. That's why we created a platform that simplifies every aspect of the supply chain, from freight forwarding and inventory to fulfilment and beyond. With real-time insights and automation capabilities.

Operate your entire supply chain - from suppliers to consumers and everything in between - all under one simple roof.


Managing Logistics the way it should be.

Full Visibility & Tracking

Real Time, Container Level Tracking and Visibility at every stage, across freight, inventory and fulfilment.

Real Time, In Transit Visibility

Full Shipment Lifecycle

Tracking Across Stages

Instant Management

Workflow Automation

Multi-channel Shipping

Seamless Control

Operate and Manage your entire business' freight, inventory and fulfilment needs with just a few clicks.

Singe Source of Truth

Enhance your business' performance by having your entire supply chain needs operated in one place and using powerful analytics and insight.

Seamless Documents Visibility

Collaborative Communication

Trusted Data & Analytics

Door Delivery


Empower your business & Save resources

If you're tired of dealing with the complexity and inefficiency of traditional logistics solutions, it's time to try Plexship.


Our platform was designed to make logistics logical, so you can focus on growing your business and satisfying your customers. Join us today and see the difference Plexship can make for your business

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