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Hi, We're Plexship!

We are Making Supply Chains and Global Trade an Instant and Effortless process


Empowering Businesses for Growth

Just about everything we see and buy was made across the globe.


With technology, even though we're more connected than ever, our ability to move, store, and sell goods has remained fragmented and inefficient. Businesses deal with different companies to ship, warehouse and fulfil their goods, each with their own systems and processes. And most via email or other traditional communication methods.

With Plexship, any business selling any goods can control and monitor their entire supply chains in just a few clicks.

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The First True End-to-End Platform

Cloud Technology & Platforms has reinvented how we shop, how we pay, how we earn, and how we play.

Plexship is THE critical platform for modern businesses—the first to connect the entire ecosystem of global trade, empowering businesses of all sizes to grow and innovate.

Plexship is engineered to improve every need - from the very origin of a product to the very hands of the consumers and everything in the middle.

This is Supply Chains the way they Should be.

Your Next Career Awaits

Ready to solve global challenges and change businesses and global trade?

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